Friday, December 08, 2006

Scott Wollmering
Wollmering & Elliott
Apple Valley, MN

Pearl S. Buck once said, "The young do not know enough to be prudent, and therefore they attempt the impossible, and achieve it, generation after generation." This statement could not be any more true than it is for a wonderful group of 'thirty-something' REALTORS® who make up the Wollmering & Elliott Real Estate Team.

We call our clients back within one hour. If we go over even one minute, we'll pay them $25 per occurrence... although we have never had to pay yet!" Honesty by all Wollmering & Elliott team members is another key virtue.

We have sold 99 percent of our listings within 1 percent of our estimated sales price.

What is your personal background and how did you get into real estate?
"I owned 3 daycare centers and bought and sold property. People said I should get into the real estate business. My wife was in new construction sales at that time."

What do you enjoy most about the business?
"I love when people go out with me and the clients enjoy how excited I am about my houses. I love houses and helping people. I get a real high when I find someone that perfect house."

What marketing advice would you give to someone at $100,000 who wants to get to $200,000 and more?
"Do not believe the issue is a marketing thing. There are two characteristics I believe stand out: Having a likable personality and having great presentation skills."

What do you do, if anything, that you feel is fairly unique and successful?
"Our radio show and Google link has worked. We have also done seminars before."

Scott’s team has about a 94% closing rate, yes that’s right 94%! In his interview with Steve Kantor, Scott shares his top tips for turning qualified leads into closed sales. Read about these and other great tips of Scott’s team in the upcoming book "Billion Dollar Agent – Lessons Learned". Interested in Google Pay Per Click? Then get your book soon as this is also covered in Scott’s interview.

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