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Judy Sheller and Rae Wayne
Keller Williams RealtyLos Angeles, CA

Judy Sheller and Rae Wayne have over 30 years combined real estate experience. Averaging over 150 sales a year, almost all of their business comes from their network of past clientele. Judy Sheller has a financial background and Rae Wayne worked in the legal field. The biggest advantage of working with "The Bizzy Blondes™" is their team concept.

What is your personal background and how did you get into real estate?
Judy: "I was dating a guy in real estate and I knew I was smarter than him so I decided to get my license too. Prior to Real Estate, I was a buyer for a major retail store where I used my financial background."
Rae: "In my childhood & teen years I pursued show business, and then I became a paralegal. Judy was my real estate agent and I’d been doing the legal thing for a decade. I was looking for more income & opportunity without going to law school. I used to call Judy all the time and talk about homes for sale around town, prices, financing, etc. She suggested I go into real estate."

What lessons did you learn from your family, friends, previous jobs, and life experiences that helped you most to succeed in your career?
Judy: "My financial background was very useful."
Rae: "My father had a very strong work ethic. My legal background was extremely helpful in drafting certain clauses for the paperwork side of the real estate business."

What do you enjoy most about the business?
Judy: "I like putting the pieces together to make the deal."
Rae: "In the early years, I really enjoyed the challenge of it all. In later years, I liked the rewards of running a business instead of just being a salesperson."

Do you believe goals are important to your success?
Judy: "Absolutely."
Rae: "Successful people always set goals. Written goals in particular."

What single quality has made you more successful than others?
"We "branded" the Bizzy Blondes name early on -- long before others in our industry -- and we learned to leverage ourselves. We were one of the first people to take our personal names off of the signs."

Are you A Billion-Dollar Agent or do you believe you will hit that level during your career? Are you over a billion for career sales or what do you estimate?

"Judy Sheller trademarked "The Bizzy Blondes" name in the mid-80’s, however the two of us joined forces in 1990. This year-to-date within Keller Williams Realty, we rank #3 nationwide among team production. We estimate to hit the Billion Dollar milestone within the next few years."

In their interview with Steve Kantor, Judy and Rae reveal one of their biggest business philosophies and share which marketing efforts have worked for them. Read their full interview in "Billion Dollar Agent – Lessons Learned".

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