Sunday, November 05, 2006

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Corey Geib
RE/MAX Home StoreLas Vegas, Nevada

"I am currently the number one team leader worldwide, commissions paid, for RE/MAX and have been for five years in a row since 2001. I am a single father of three boys. Roby 19, Mitchel 13, and Jacob 8. We all love football and golf."

What lessons did you learn from your family, friends, previous jobs, and life experiences that helped you most to succeed in your career?
"I treat every day the same, whether it is a 9-5 paid job or a commission paid job. If you treat sales like a real job you will succeed. "

"There is a problem with the freedom associated with sales that can get you into trouble. You need to treat it like a real job. I think that Structure is very important. "

Do you believe goals are important to your success?
"We do goals at the beginning of the year. We do personal and team goals. We go over those at the start of the year and look again at the end of the year. I think it is extremely important for goals to be written down and visualized. I am a strong believer in almost daily review of goals. "

What single quality has made you more successful than others?
"Hard work and focus. I lost a lot of top producing agents who were affected by the amount of money they were making. They decided to not work as hard. I have not let commissions affect my drive. I still enjoy coming to work. "

Are you A Billion-Dollar Agent or do you believe you will hit that level during your career?
"I estimate my career team number is maybe 1.3 or 1.4 billion dollars. "

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