Tuesday, October 24, 2006

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Ron Campbell
The Campbell Team
Campbell and Campbell Real Estate
Albuquerque, NM

Ron Campbell has an extensive background in sales and marketing that spans over 30 years and includes management, ownership, franchising, and mortgage banking. He is a national speaker and a member of several elite groups of real estate brokers/owners who are ranked nationally as the best in the business. He has set real estate records locally, statewide, and nationally that still stand after almost a decade. He is a licensed real estate broker in New Mexico and the only one to rank in REALTOR® Magazine's Top 100 for three consecutive years - 2001, 2002 & 2003! The Campbell Team has closed over 2700 transactions worth in excess of $360 million of residential real estate since 1990.

"At one-time, I was one of the largest mobile home dealers. When the interest rates rose to eighteen percent and the oil field markets shut down, dealers were on recourse financing. Homes were being repossessed. In ninety days I had a $2.3 million loss. I went bankrupt in 1986 and lost everything. I started over at the age of 40. "

"The first three companies I went to work for shut their doors. The third company was an ERA franchise. He shut his door sixty days later. I was an entrepreneur and picked up the franchise for $2,500. I joined with a partner who was another top agent. I put my destiny back into my hands not someone else’s. "

"Consistency. I know how to do the same thing. Every morning I do the same thing, day after day; I tried to find an excuse not to do it. "

"After I filed bankruptcy, I was down mentally. I had always had perfect credit. I read one book called Why Smart People Fail. When you lose everything you find out who your true friends are. We had a non-dischargeable debt of over $175,000. I was motivated to make money to pay off the debt. I have always been one to plow ahead, take risk, and damn the torpedoes. I have a high confidence level. "

"In 2005 I reached $448,363,301 in sales with 2005 being a little over 80 million. That represented 3035 homes sold overall. I have now surpassed 500 million in my career."

Read Ron's Full interview in "Billion Dollar Agent – Lessons Learned" the book

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