Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Tupper Briggs
Tupper's Team
Evergreen, CO

Over the years Tupper Briggs has constantly asked what clients really want and has diligently directed his business accordingly. He is pleased with the resulting growth his business has experienced due to this philosophy. He is forever searching for new technology, better ways to stay in touch and improved marketing tools to serve clients beyond their wildest dreams. He delights in having clients say “WOW”.

“I discovered that there are a lot of heavy handed sales tactics but I also learned that sales is putting yourself in your client’s shoes and giving them what they want. Fats Waller wrote a song called “Find out what they want and how they want it and give it to them just that way.””

“I grew up with three sisters so I learned that negotiation was part of survival. It pays to give the world the benefit of the doubt and leave your mind open to the wonderful possibilities that meeting each new person offers.”

“Absolutely! I can remember taking a goal-setting class when I was a salesman. I set a goal and then realized I had made it. I thought all you have to do is set the goal and you would achieve it. As we make bigger goals we realize there is more to it than that. We can only set goals for things we have control over.”

“I have a four-color, sixteen-page newspaper which goes out once a quarter to every mailbox and residence in our entire marketing area - 26,000 people. I grab articles from the public domain. The newspaper is zero-based because we have people advertise in the newspaper.”

“We care, we have fun, but we are very competent and we wear that on our sleeves.”

“We make it appear that we work 24/7 and we have workflow so we can cover everything.”

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