Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Karen Bernardi
The Bernardi Group
Coldewell Banker Residential Brokerage
Boulder, CO

Hippie Waitress to Multi, Multi Millionaire

Twenty-three years ago, Karen drifted to Boulder, Co. Without a college degree, she had trouble finding work besides bar tending and waitressing. She was in debt. Today, Bernardi is among the nation's top-producing residential salespeople.

Her outgoing personality helped but it was determination and willingness to work hard and do things differently regardless of the opinions of others.

Real estate trainer Mike Ferry taught her to organize herself better and to focus on listing and prospecting. Her sales volume shot through the ceiling.

"I have a driver. This helps so I can work and make phone calls while in the car."

"I have a full written plan. I have written goals for everything. It keeps me in motion and keeps me happy."

"I have a good reputation. People have heard of me through the years. I take it very seriously if there is a customer complaint – and I fix it!"

"Agents need a real schedule so that real estate does not become your life. I travel a lot and take a lot of vacations. Make sure you decide what works to sell a home - not the client. Tell the client what works. You have to take control of the situation and act like the expert."

"It was important to keep my emotions in control. I always try to keep my customers’ interests ahead of my own."

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