Friday, September 15, 2006


Gladys Blum
Gladys Blum Group Real Estate Services
Salem, OR

Gladys’ success doesn’t come by luck or accident. She earned it one person at a time and her passion to help people is a trademark known and respected throughout the Salem community.

Gladys has a compassion for the needy in the Salem area and is extensively involved in charitable and business organizations that strive to meet that need and make the community a better place to live.

“We created a website that they could advertise on. It was called sellingbyowner. We meet with them, take pictures and put it on the site. They are also placed on an e-mail follow-up campaign.”

“I also believe that my involvement in the community has been a huge payback.”

“We have a marketing plan and a service plan. It is something that both parties sign so there are no surprises. We’ve learned to under promise and over- deliver.”

“I learned early on that it is crucial to rub shoulders with people who produce at your level or higher. I was in a Mastermind group from all over the US and we met quarterly. We were accountable to each other and shared problems and solutions. That same group is meeting today.”

“Telling the truth…no matter what! I am a great listener. I treat every client equally. I believe that being low-key instead of high pressure has worked really well for me. I strive on learning new ideas and methods. I want to always be on the cutting edge.”

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